Ego Check with The Id DM

Matt Dixon on Illustrating Hearthstone

August 26, 2019

Matt Dixon talks about his career as a freelance illustrator and his work in digital spaces leading to his work with Blizzard. He talks about starting on the World of Warcraft TCG and how he got hired again for the Goblins & Gnomes expansion in Hearthstone. He has been a contributing artist to Hearthstone since that time and talks about his creative process. He shares his influences and explores how technology has changed the way he approaches illustration. He talks about his need to bring "life" to an image and how he was drawn to computers and pixels at a young age. He speaks about specific illustrations completed for Hearthstone and what fueled their origin. He indulges me as we discuss one of my favorite pieces of art in Hearthstone, Hecklebot, and he references his earlier work on Annoy-o-tron as when Hearthstone "clicked" for him. We conclude by talking about his recent "speed paintings" and his stunning personal work on his series, Transmissions